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a small business serving our community through artisanal soap and shampoo bars

Every day, we bathe ourselves, apply lotions, and top off with a dash of perfume before going out into the world.  This daily routine can turn from ordinary to extraordinary with fewer products, quality ingredients, and a message that sparks self-reflection before sharing our intentions with others. 


Soul Soap does more with less.

Welcome to Soul Soap

From Soap to Art

Each bar of Soul Soap is part of a limited collection that comes with a unique name, design, story, and poem.  From a birthday celebration to finding a parallel peace, from a dessert that induces nostalgia to a vision for protecting our oceans, Soul Soap artfully handcrafts soap that tells a story about what it means to be human.

Natural and Quality Ingredients

All of our products are handcrafted in Larchmont, NY, with beautiful ingredients such as mango seed butter, castor oil, and golden jojoba oil.

Soul Soap is committed to providing a top quality soap and shampoo bar that balances longevity, cleansing ability, nourishment, lather, creaminess, and aroma with the utmost respect towards the ethical implications of our ingredients.

We welcome you to learn more about each ingredient that we put into a bar of Soul Soap by clicking the button below:

Our Founding Values

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Soul Soap
Image by Johannes Plenio

Soap for the Body
Messages for the Soul

Soul Soap is more than just soap...

Every bar of Soul Soap comes with an original message crafted to nurture the soul.


It is meant to spark a moment of reflection that leads to deeper understanding and appreciation.  Please click the button below to discover our Messages for the Soul.

Soul Soap
Soul Soap
Soul Soap
Soul Soap
Soul Soap