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Artisanal Face & Body Cream

Artisanal Face & Body Cream



#8 (Floral; Sweet; Herbal; Woody):

Sweet and herbal lavender opening with subtle floral notes of rosewood and herbal notes of sage with a woody base.

#19 (Floral; Sweet; Citrus; Warm; Woody):

Sweet and uplifting opening with a deep and warm floral heart finishing with subtle tones of fresh greenery and woodsiness.

#34 (Sweet Citrus; Herbal; Woody):

Sweet citrus opening with a distinct herbal eucalyptus heart backed by a warm woody base.


Net Volume: Available in 2 fluid ounces and 4 fluid ounces

  • About

    Every batch of Soul Soap face and body cream is artfully handcrafted in small batches with top-quality ingredients that combine to make an incredibly luxurious and all-natural face and body cream. 


    We use a generous amount of golden jojoba oil and mango seed butter in addition to unrefined shea butter and therapeutic-grade essential oils.


    All of our creams are anhydrous, meaning that unlike traditional cosmetics they do not have any water.  This allows us to bypass preservatives and creates a 100% oil-based non-greasy cream that is easily absorbed by your skin leaving it feeling deeply nourished.


    Thank you for supporting Soul Soap and for spreading its message.

  • Uses

    100% non-comedogenic:  Our face and body cream only includes non-comedogenic oils meaning that it won't clog your pores.  It is wonderful for all skin types, from oily to dry skin.


    Sensitive and eczema-prone skin:  Early feedback from people with eczema-prone skin showed that the cream helped to soothe eczema-related symptoms.  We have also heard back from more elderly community members who have had a wonderful experience with our creams.


    Dry and sun-damaged skin:  Early feedback has also shown wonderful success in treating extremely dry skin, such as the dry skin below the eyes that many people suffer from.  Jojoba oil is known to provide relief for skin that has been exposed to and damaged by the sun.

  • Tips for Longevity

    Our creams are best enjoyed within 9 months of their creation date.  We keep a small inventory so that our batches are as fresh as possible by the time you are enjoying them.


    We highly recommend storing the cream in a cool and dry place and using the little wooden spoon we provide in order to assure the cream's longevity.  When diligently cared for, our creams can be used for longer than 9 months.


    Seeing as our recipe is 100% oil-based, please avoid leaving the cream in a warm room, car, or outdoors on a warm day.  This will ensure that your cream maintains its lovely texture.

  • Ingredients (Less is More)

    Unrefined shea nut butter

    Golden jojoba oil

    Mango seed butter

    Non-GMO tapioca flour

    Pure therapeutic-grade essential oils

    Pure vitamin E oil

Natural and Quality Ingredients

All of our products are handcrafted in Larchmont, NY, with beautiful ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, mango seed butter, and jojoba oil.

Soul Soap is committed to providing a top quality soap bar that balances longevity, cleansing ability, nourishment, lather, creaminess, and aroma with the utmost respect towards the ethical implications of our ingredients.

We welcome you to learn more about each ingredient that we put into a bar of Soul Soap by clicking the button below:

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