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Image by Matt Collamer

The Soul Soap Mission

Soul Soup presents a vision for how business can serve its community through connection and charity.

Soul Soap's mission is to form deep and enduring connections with members of the community through the sale and charity of our artisanal bar soaps and cosmetics.


Each bar of soap presents an opportunity to connect with the community, engage in charity, and share a thoughtful message.  Together, we can contribute to the growth of our community's soul.

Our most precious asset is our time and our most important decision is how we choose to spend our time.  We all have a finite amount of time and this is the ultimate factor that binds us together. 


Soul Soap is how I choose to give my time and energy to the community because giving our time to others is the most precious gift that we can give.

Our Founding Values

Charitable Production

Soul Soap is committing at least 5% of its soap production to support community members who are in need of charity.  Examples of recipients include the following members of our community:

Image by National Cancer Institute

Local Hospitals

Example: children in hospital who could use a friend to read them a story and share a message of hope

Image by Fabian Blank

Families on a Tight Budget

Example: families suffering through financial hardship despite no fault of their own

Image by Timothy Eberly

Local Heroes

Example: a way of giving thanks to community members who display generosity, valiance, and courage

Image by Danie Franco

Grieving Families

Example: families grieving the loss of a loved one and/or experiencing major upheaval in their lives

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Natural Disaster Victims

Example: families who had their businesses, homes, and livelihoods swept away by torrential rains

Image by Wadi Lissa

Children Eager to Learn

Example: an opportunity to share values that last a lifetime, such as charity and generosity

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