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We Are Soul Soap

A small business founded for community, charity, and connection

Soul Soup is handcrafted in the beautiful village of Larchmont, NY (picture taken from my garden).


We are a small business founded on passion and purpose with a vision to serve our community through the sale and charity of our artisanal bar soaps and cosmetics.

Soul Soap is a lifetime in the making; a dream turned reality...

Please continue scrolling on this page and you will read about the path that led to Soul Soap.  We also welcome you to discover our Mission and Values by following the link below:

Meet Alex

And my journey to Soul Soap...

My journey to Soul Soap has taken many twists and turns: from moments of intense happiness to periods of deep suffering, from spending time surrounded by loved ones to months of extended loneliness, from my roots in Larchmont, New York, to starting a new chapter in Belgium (and then back again).  I grew up going to the local schools, playing sports with the local teams, and have always thoroughly enjoyed welcoming friends and family to our community.


I feel blessed to have lived through these moments, both the ups and the downs, as they have led me to creating Soul Soap out of love and with a vision for how business can serve its community rather than merely profiting from it.


Soul Soap is my way of spreading hope and joy within our community.  Its success cannot be measured in dollars, statistical significance, or efficiency gains.  It is only measured by the positive impact that we have within our community and how generously we give our time to its members.

Every day, we bathe ourselves, apply lotions, and top off with a dash of perfume before going out into the world.  This daily routine can turn from ordinary to extraordinary with fewer products, quality ingredients, and a message that sparks self-reflection before sharing our intentions with others.


I am happy beyond words to share this project with you.  Let's unite in nurturing our community's soul so that we may grow together and forge the community of our dreams based on timeless values such as compassion, generosity, simplicity, empathy, and connection.

Welcome to Soul Soap.

Sincerely and with love,


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